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Partner Programs

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Reseller Programs

How the Hosting Reseller Program Works
  1. Purchase the Reseller Package. You will receive your own IP and domain name (optional). In addition, you will receive an online Control Panel to administer your site.
  2. From the Control Panel of your Reseller account you can create additional domains and customize the Control Panel each of your clients receives. Each resold domain will have its own IP and is capable of its own domain name - these are not subdomains. Each domain will be either our Budget, Standard, or e-Commerce - you choose which one. Click here to view the features included with each resold domain.
  3. You get each additional domain at up to a 43% discount off of the retail price. Each month you will automatically be billed for all of the domains you create. Check out our pricing to see just how inexpensive it is to buy additional domains.

  4. Resell the domains to your customers. You set the price for the domains and you determine how much profit you want to make. Most resellers make more than 75% profit on each resold domain. Since there is no limit on the number of resold domains you can have, there is no limit to your potential income!
Want more info? Email our sales team at sales@blastcomm.com or give them a call at 1-630-375-9600 (9-5 CST).

  • Domain Setup within 24 huors...Or Less!
  • 20 Email addresses
  • 50 MB Disk space
  • Personalized Name Servers
  • Customizable Control Panel
  • Ability to add domains
  • SSL (with ecommerce package)
  • Merek Web based email (additional charge)
How the Connections Reseller program works
  • First, make some choices:
    1. Do I wish to use my own rhealm or a generic one? A rhealm is similar to a domain name, only used with radius authentication - the dialup name you customers will see. For example, do you wish to have mary@connect or mary@yourcompanyname for your user's access?
    2. How many do I think I can sell this month? If you're making the transition from web designer to reseller, calculalate how many clients you think will switch to your service. Once you have that figure, see our pricing table and multiply the two. This is the amount you should deposit to your account. See, it works like this... you place a certain amount of money on deposit with us and as you sign up new customers or as existing ones come due, it is withdrawn from your account. You receive a monthly statement giving you status. Now you resell this as your own with your own charges and decide how much money you want to make!
  • Second, fill out our reseller application.
  • Third, make a deposit into your account.
It's that simple! Order Now and Start Reselling Today!