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School Access

Discount Dial-Up Accounts for Educators
Blastcomm strives to help educators find ways to create opportunities for students using technology. To show our appreciation for educators, we provide educators in our communities with full-service Internet access at home for only $239.40 per year (that's only $19.95/month).

An Educator Account is a complete Community Access Internet dial-up account which has been specially priced for school faculty, staff, and administrators.

Your Educator Account includes:
  • Full service Internet accounts for up to six family users
  • E-mail and newsgroup services
  • Optional content filtering
  • Technical support
At the same time, all the benefits of a standard Family Internet account are yours:

  • High-security private network
  • Subscribers' information never sold to third parties
  • No ads on our Web site
  • No busy signals