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YMCA/YWCA Fund Rasier

YMCA/YWCA organizations have the ability sell internet service similar to what we offer our consumers at an industry average cost ($19.95/month). This is the same service for any YMCA/YWCA organization. It includes unlimited internet access, up to 4 email accounts @blastcomm.com and 5MB for a personal web-page. Just like any organization, YMCA/YWCA communities get the same great service.

The difference is in the revenue projections.

Another wonderful benefit of this fundraiser is the ability to sell nationwide... you can of course sell to your neighbors, your organization members and in your local community - and even other members of YMCA/YWCA across the nation. We have dialups nationwide - over 2000 local access numbers across the nation!

For more information, please contact us and we would be happy to fax, mail or drop by some information or even set up an appointment to discuss this opportunity with you or your organization.