Microsoft Internet Explorer Setup

Be sure and close any open copies of Internet Explorer that you may have running.

Locate the Internet Explorer Icon on your Desktop

Drag down and Click on Properties
Locate the Internet Options Icon in your Control Panel

If using the Internet Options Icon just Open the Icon to access the Internet Properties Dialog.

The Internet Properties Dialog is used to configure how Internet Explorer functions.

The General tab of the Internet Properties Dialog needs to be updated to access whatever Home Page you want to have presented each time you log onto the Internet. Enter the Address of the web-site you want to make your Home Page.

The Connections Tab

You need to select the correct configuration here to access Blastcomm each time you load Internet Explorer. Check Never dial a connection.

Click Lan Settings

Be sure and clear any check-boxes on this page. OK when done.

Now Click OK

Internet Explorer can now be started fresh using the new settings.