128k ISDN

ISDN service offers reliable, cost-efficient Internet access for home users, small business who need greater performance than is available through 56kbps Dialup Service. Most of our locations, points-of-presence through United States and Canada are equipped with ISDN technology. In many areas ISDN can be an alternative in areas where other High Speed options such as DSL and our High Speed Wireless aren't available. ISDN allows connectivity up to 128kbps.

Features and Benefits:
  • Unlimited non-dedicated Interactive Access
  • Much faster connect times than Dialup access
  • High-speed backbone connectivity
  • Up to 2 64k B2 channels for 128k performance.
  • Free technical support
  • Up to 4 POP3 Internet email accounts
  • Newsgroup access
  • 5 MB web space
  • Nationwide Internet accessibility (account can be used for 56k
  • Dialup access when traveling)

  • 2B Channel - 128k bps
  • Non-dedicated Access (includes inactivity timeouts and hard 8 hour resets)
  • Dynamically assigned IP Address
  • POP3 email accounts

System Requirements:
  • ISDN modem or ISDN Router
  • TCP/IP Networking
  • Browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape etc)
  • POP3 email Client (Microsoft Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape etc)

Plan Setup Monthly Rate Paid Payment Method
56k Monthly Debit Monthly $35.00 $39.95 Monthly Automatic, CC, Debit
56k Quarterly Debit Quarterly $35.00 $34.95 Quarterly Check, CC, Debit
56k One Year Debit Yearly $35.00 $31.95 Annually Check, CC, Debit