Netscape FAQ

Error Unknown file type, no viewer configured for file type, or unable to launch external viewer.
Possible cause There are many file types that Netscape will recognize automatically (e.g., JPEG, GIF, and AU). If you are receiving this message, this is Netscape's way of telling you that the program has run into a file type it has not been configured to handle.
Tools & Tips If you are downloading files, all you need to do is to click on Save to Disk and select the directory where the downloaded file should be stored. You can minimize the Saving Location window and go back to browsing. You will notice that your connection will be somewhat slower.
Error Can't run Netscape after downloading the newest version.
Possible cause You may not be installing the file properly.
Tools & Tips Download the file and store it in an empty directory. Double-click on the file in File Manager. Your screen may go black and you will see a message that files are being expanded. After a minute or so, your screen will go back to File Manager. If you select Window | Refresh, you will see the installation files for Netscape have been automatically expanded into the directory you selected. Double-click on SETUP.EXE and begin the installation.
Error The server does not have a DNS entry.
Possible cause TCP/IP stack not present or malfunctioning. Temporary network slowness or problems. Can't access Internet through firewall. Requested site may not exist.
Tools & Tips If you can reach another remote site successfully, chances are your TCP/IP stack is functioning. If you can't, try disconnecting, rebooting, and reestablishing your connection. Check with your administrator to make sure that your account should be able to access the Internet through the firewall. Ping the host name to make sure it exists.
Error 404 Not Found.
Possible cause URL may not exist. Memory and disk caches may be set too low.
Tools & Tips Under Options | Preferences, raise the cache gradually in 1000K increments. Confirm URL when possible with creator or webmaster.
Error 404 Access Denied.
Possible cause File permissions are not set correctly or are not set to be accessed by certain groups.
Tools & Tips If you believe that this is an error, you could try emailing the web page owner. Otherwise, there really isn't anything you can do.
Error 503 Service unavailable.
Possible cause Network lag/slowness or problems.
Tools & Tips Ping the site to see if it is live.
Error Socket is not connected.
Possible cause Usually temporary connection problem.
Tools & Tips Try two other Web pages on different sites. If you still get the error, you may wish to disconnect and reconnect to your Web server.
Error Connection timed out.
Possible cause Network slowness or problems.
Tools & Tips Ping the host site to determine if the site is accessible from your server.
Error Can't use Netscape to view a local file.
Possible cause MOZOCK.DLL not loaded or used.
Tools & Tips Check your Netscape directory to make sure that MOZOCK.DLL is available. If not, downloading a newer version or reinstalling Netscape may help. You can find this file at Netscape.
Error Reentrant call to interrupt window.
Possible cause Usually seems to happen if you click "Stop" before a page has finished loading.
Tools & Tips If you experience this often enough, try opening another Netscape window to go to another site. In a moment or two go back to the old window and exit then.
Error Connection reset by peer.
Possible cause Remote host reset your connection.
Tools & Tips Usually clicking "Reload" will bring up the URL normally.
Error System call 'connect' failed: connection refused.
Possible cause Netscape was unable to connect to the remote host.
Tools & Tips Often occurs because a system is down or not accepting connections. Use Ping to see if the host is live or not. Traceroute may provide information also.
Error Can't read newsgroups.
Possible cause Network connection information in Preferences incorrect, or problem with your provider's news server.
Tools & Tips Check to make sure that Preferences | Mail and News |Servers information is complete and correct. If the problems continues, contact your provider to report the problem, and see if anyone else has reported similar problems.
Error General protection faults in Netscape.
Possible cause Often related to software configuration issues.
Tools & Tips Edit NETSCAPE.INI. In the "Network" section of NETSCAPE.INI, change the "Use Asynch DNS" line to "No". Some configurations of Windows networking software will fail using asynchronous DNS. Set "Max Connections" to "1".
Error FTP transfers hang or disconnect after connecting successfully to FTP
Possible cause Problem with SLIP/PPP TCP/IP stack configuration (e.g., Trumpet Winsock).
Tools & Tips Change the MTU value in your stack software from 1500 to 1006.
Error Error 57 when attempting to FTP.
Possible cause Usually occurs when an ftp server is overloaded or very busy.
Tools & Tips Try to download the file at off-peak hours. Does not indicate a problem with netscape.
Error "Reload" button doesn't really reload all files.
Possible cause This is usually frustrating to Web authors. Netscape checks to see if there have been any changes of the files in cache vs. the files on the server. Problems can result if the time/date stamp on the server or on your workstation are incorrect.
Tools & Tips Force a complete reload: Shift-Ctrl-R or hold down Shift and click "Reload".