Network Consulting

Blast Communications can meet all of your Internet and network requirements, from a few days of consulting, tailor-made training at all levels of ability or a complete, one-stop solution to your organizationís Internet or network strategy. Blastcomm has a team of trained Internet specialists who are established business people with an understanding of what it means to do business on the Internet. As a result, we are utilizing our collective knowledge in the fields of marketing, sales, and finance to add value to your Internet experience. You will find that our consulting projects are completed rapidly, and thoroughly.

We can provide people with extensive knowledge of and familiarity with operating systems and application software for microcomputers, and local- and wide-area networks. Operating environments include Windows (NT Server, Win95, Win98, WinME, 2000 and earlier versions) and DOS. Recent activities include the design, implementation, and management of the hardware and software necessary for the appropriate operation of Internet World Wide Web and electronic mail services.

When you compare the caliber of our service to that of other firms, you will find that Blastcomm offers a more powerful, attractive service at a realistic cost.

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