Off Site Backup

Why Blastcomm?
Blastcomm off-site backup service is the easiest, safest and most secure method for you to economically and simply backup or store your critical data files. Blastcomm provides you access via the latest online backup technology to it's multiple redundant file storage system resulting in maximum data protection for your critical files. Now you can backup or restore your critical data files 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with the click of a mouse.

Why Backup?
Software and hardware manufactures advise rigorous back-up procedures. They know that even the best designed software and hardware will eventually fail. That is correct, EVERY piece of software and hardware will EVENTUALLY crash and you will suffer for it if you have not taken the appropriate precautions. Computer users experience disaster daily, in the shape of power surges, hardware crashes, human error, theft, fires and other accidents. Our expertise is in helping you avoid the money and time loss associated with these catastrophes.

Do you use a laptop? Blastcomm is especially useful for the ever increasing number of professionals on the go. Laptops are especially vulnerable to damage and loss. Now, critical files can be simply, safely, and inexpensively backed-up over regular phone lines to Blastcomm. Stand alone computers not backed-up to a network, and home computers are now afforded a simple back-up methodology. You need never worry again about critical works in progress! In short, anyone who works with a computer needs Blastcomm.

Off-site vs traditional
The essential issues for backup are security and redundancy. Currently many users, including companies, backup their computers with a tape or disk and leave the backup media in the same location as the original data. This is not a secure system for backup, as a large portion of data loss is due to theft, fire, flood and other kinds of catastrophic loses. With an off-site backup your data is protected from all forms of data loss.

By creating additional backup files, Blastcomm further protects your data from potential catastrophic loss. This multiple redundant backup system is the only way to be assured that your data is truly safe and current. If this is your goal, then Blastcomm is the only solution.

Blastcomm sets the standard for security on the Internet. You can rest assured that state of the art procedures and protocols are in effect to insure the integrity and security of your vital data files. For added security, you can encrypt your data before sending it to us, Blastcomm sophisticated file management system can handle all data.

In the past, back-up was a chore and most people just ignored it! It was time consuming, inconvenient and expensive. Online backup was reserved for large corporations with expensive lines and elaborate systems. With Blastcomm you use the best FTP client for your system to simply and securely backup and restore your valuable data.

Corporate Customers
Blastcomm's mass data storage consultants are glad to assist network administrators and IT supervisors develop cost effective mass storage solutions. For a return call and no obligation consultation simply leave an e-mail message at Our voice line is 630-375-9600.

Prices start as low as $ 24.95 for up to 10Mb of Storage Space per month. No setup fees either! There is no online charge, or additional restoration charge. You have unlimited use of the Blastcomm systems. The best and least expensive insurance policy you can buy for your work, time and effort!

Corporate Information
Blastcomm is an innovator in Internet Access and applications technologies. Our team of mass storage, security and communications experts are committed to providing safe and secure online offsite backup for your critical data.