Blastcomm LAN ISDN service is a high-speed, cost-effective means by which companies can connect their local area networks to the Internet. Blastcomm recommends LAN ISDN service for any businesses looking for full, high-speed Internet access and doesn't have the availablity of xDSL services in their area. For many companies, LAN ISDN service is a better, lower cost alternative to a dedicated analog dialup connection.

ISDN Internet access allows users to achieve dialup speeds of up to 64Kbps (single channel) or 128Kbps (dual channel). ISDN, short for Integrated Services Digital Network, is a standard for digital transmission over circuits from the phone company. Because it is a true digital standard, it allows for faster connect times, better integration with fax, voicemail, and phone, as well as considerably higher throughput. All of these advantages mean better, faster, and more powerful Internet access for you.

With an Blastcomm-Managed solution, we manage and service the ISDN hardware. Blastcomm also offers lower priced, Customer-Managed solutions, where the customer owns the router and either manages it internally or contracts a third party consultant to do so.

Service Features
In addition to providing you with full Internet access (with all LAN ISDN accounts) and installing, managing, and servicing your ISDN router (with Managed accounts), Blastcomm also provides the following service features as part of our LAN ISDN package:

Email can be done through either individual POP Email accounts or a dialup SMTP gateway that will connect your LAN's internal email system to the Internet. Upto 10 POP/SMTP Email accounts are included with your LAN ISDN service; additional accounts cost $3/user/month.

IP Addresses
Generally ISDN user receive a dynamic IP Address each time the connect to our Network. If you require a static address we can accomodate you for an additional charge.