Imagine a technology that allows Worldwide Web users to tap the true potential of the Internet. Blastcomm's wireless technology delivers upstream and downstream data rates at speeds previously reserved for T1+ environments, optimizing home and business applications. Blastcomm wireless technology enters the new millennium with the most cost effective last-mile solution for access to the Internet.

Why Blastcomm?
Wireless data is the fastest growing segment of the communications industry. Never before has such rapid technological growth taken place. The wireless Internet is here, allowing a greater performance to both residential and commercial users alike. Data rates, however, limit the potential of wireless service.

Through technology employed by Blastcomm, Internet access and data transmission is achieved at breakthrough speeds. At last, wireless flexibility can combine with the Internet at data rates never before affordable. Truly, Internet access value as fast as your ideas.

The Blast Communications wireless system designed for packet switching will provide a cost-effective connection for data and video at speeds far in excess of telephone and cable broadband services.

The founders of Blastcomm, using tested and proven technologies are providing for business growth and profitability by offering ISP providers and End-Users a cost-effective direct connection to end users without involvement of a cable company or Local Exchange Carrier (Telephone Company), while providing the end user with a return-path data rate matching the download speed.