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Partner Programs

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School Access

Access isn't just about machines and wires. It's about people and communities. That's why we're more than just an Internet service provider. We're a partner.

We have developed a series of programs that help schools and students take advantage of the full power of the Internet.

Discounts for Faculty Knowing that the success of a school network depends on cooperation, we wanted to make access affordable for all participants. That’s why, as a complement to the low-cost Internet services we provide to student households, we offer an additional sizeable discount on home access to faculty members.
Disadvantaged Family
Global Communications provides free Internet access to student households that have been identified by participating school districts as disadvantaged or in need of special assistance.
Student Internship
Global Communications has adopted a program to give talented students a unique opportunity to gain technical experience through the Global Communications Technical Support Internship Program. Students who participate in this program will earn money while providing technical assistance to Global Communications customers.