Burstable T1 Services

Burstable T1 services (1.54 Mbps) are the standard for business's that require high capacity Internet connections. While most other internet service providers only offer fractional T-1 service or a much more expensive full T-1 option, we have found that most of our T-1 customers experience busy peak times every day when they need full T-1 bandwidth. With fractional T-1 your service is limited, but with our Burstable service you receive the extra bandwidth when you need it. The full T-1 bandwidth is available at all times, but we align our pricing so that customers who typically use less bandwidth pay a lower rate.

Included with your T-1 connection you will receive the finest installation and technical support in the industry. All T1 circuits come with the following features and services that simplify your installation and maximize the value of your Internet connection:
  • Unlimited 24 x 7 connectivity to the Internet.
  • T1 (1.54 Mbps) speed available at all times.
  • State-of-the art equipment from Cisco, Ascend, Livingston, and other leading vendors.
  • Responsive service by experienced engineers and customer service representatives.
  • Competitive rates on point-to-point T1 circuits.
  • Provisioning of the phone circuit from your site to our Point-of-Presence.
  • Primary and/or secondary Domain Name Service (DNS).
  • Advice on how to integrate internet e-mail with your in-house system.
  • Technical support regarding Internet applications, Monday through Friday, 8AM - 5PM.
  • 24-Hour Proactive Network Monitoring.